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This website is not the official website pertaining to Fair Park in Dallas.  It is simply a resource guide which organizes/aggregates the actual official websites, Twitter profiles and more pertaining to Fair Park events, leasing space information and more.

Over time, this website will grow with resources and more helpful information regarding Fair Park.  You may see updates to this website on the Updates page (click here), the sidebar, the RSS feed, or on some of our social media properties.

For actual information, please contact the specific property at Fair Park – or the Friends of Fair Park (click here) – for the most up-to-date, authoritative information.  RSS feeds from various Fair Park resources will be included in the sidebar and/or updates section of the website.

Here is a map of the Fair Park area:

Here is the YouTube video about this year’s theme for the State Fair of Texas:

Thanks To Those Who Encouraged Us To Build Out This Website:

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