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Fair Park covers 277-acres just east of downtown Dallas and is a National Historic Landmark. Its cultural, historical and entertainment venues play host to visitors from around the world every day of the year. 


There are ADA accessible areas throughout the park. For more information on ADA accessibility, please visit the accessibility page.

African American Museum

The only museum in the U.S. Southwest that preserves and displays African American artistic, cultural and historical material. Learn more about the African American Museum.

Band Shell

The Fair Park Band Shell is a 4,000+ seat performance venue that boasts a 30-foot deep stage and hosts a variety of entertainment acts and sporting events throughout the year.


There are over 10 buildings to explore throughout Fair Park. To learn more, please visit the Sites and Attractions page.*



Check out our event calendar to see everything happening at Fair Park!

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park will officially reopen on September 24, 2021. Please visit for more information.

Community Involvement

In addition to bringing more events, awareness, and revenue, Fair Park First is committed to building community. Working closely with and giving back to our South Dallas neighbors will make the future of Fair Park that much brighter. For more information on community involvement, please visit the Community Involvement page.


Fair Park First and Spectra can be reached at 214-670-8400 or by filling out the contact form.

Cultural Institutions

Fair Park is home to 11 organizations that operate onsite. Learn more about each organization on the Cultural Institutions page.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) House

The Continental DAR House and Museum is open to the public annually during the State Fair of Texas.  Learn more by visiting their website.


Fair Park is conveniently located just minutes east of Downtown Dallas. View directions from your location on the Directions page

Dos Equis Pavilion

Dos Equis Pavilion is a 20,000-seat amphitheater offers cushioned, hard-backed seating and lawn seating.


For a list of current openings at Fair Park, please visit the employment page.

Fair Park First

Fair Park First’s has been contracted by the City of Dallas for the long term management and revitalization of Fair Park. Our mission is to restore, revitalize, and renew the 277-acre National Historic Landmark known as Fair Park to attract attention from across the region and the entire country. 

Ferris Wheel

The Texas Star is an iconic piece of Fair Park. During the State Fair of Texas, riders can enjoy breathtaking views reaching up to 20 stories high. Learn more about other Fair Park attractions on the Sites and Attractions page.


Memories to last a lifetime are made at Fair Park every year! Check out a gallery of locations at Fair Park. We'll continue to update these periodically. 

Golf Carts/ATVs

No privately owned ATVs or Golf Carts may be operated on Fair Park property.

Hall of State

Built by the State of Texas for the 1936 Centennial Exposition, the Hall of State has hosted events honoring presidents, royalty, heads of state, and other dignitaries for over sixty years. Located just minutes from downtown Dallas, the Hall of State can be rented for private functions ranging from corporate dinners or meetings to weddings or gala social events. Find out more about the Hall of State on the Dallas Historical Society's website


Since it's roots began in 1886, Fair Park has evolved into one of the world's premier destinations engulfed with timeless history and landscape. For a timeline of Fair Park history, please visit the History page.

Host an Event

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There are plenty of hotels located near Fair Park. Visit the Where to Stay page for a list of hotels located within 2 miles. 


As a National Historic Landmark, there are a plethora of unique landmarks all around Fair Park! Explore all of our landmarks by visiting the Sites and Attractions page.

Lost & Found

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Check out the Map page for an interactive map of Fair Park.


Spend a day exploring Texas history at one of our museums! For a list of museums at Fair Park, visit the Museums and Gardens page.

Music Hall

The Music Hall is a 3,420 seat performing arts facility that was designed in Spanish Baroque style with Moorish architectural influences. It serves as the home to Dallas Summer Musicals. Find out more information here.


To stay up to date with everything happening at Fair Park, check out our News section.


With over 14,000 parking spots available inside of Fair Park, there is plenty of parking spaces all around the park! For a map and more information on parking, please visit the Parking page.

Please note that no overnight parking is allowed. Any vehicle left overnight at Fair Park is subject to towing at the owner's expense. 


Fair Park's partners are Fair Park First, Spectra, City of Dallas, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, and In the City for Good. For more information on all of our partners, please visit our Partners page.

Performance Venues

There are all kinds of performances at Fair Park year-round! To learn more check out our Performance Venues page.


Yes, leashed pets are always allowed at Fair Park! Thank you for picking up after your pet. 


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For a list of food and beverage options inside and nearby, please visit the Where to Eat page.


Rideshare dropoff/pickup is available outside of any gate at Fair Park. If coming to Fair Park for a specific event, please check event page for further details.

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OVG360 is the day-to-day manager of Fair Park. 


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State Fair of Texas

Since 1886, this organization has been the driving force behind the annual State Fair. Please visit the State Fair of Texas page for more information.


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Tailgating in the parking lots at Fair Park varies by event. Please check the individual event page for more information.

Texas Discovery Gardens

A year-round organically maintained urban oasis filled with natural wonders. Please visit the Texas Discovery Gardens page for more information.


Tickets locations vary by event. Please visit the event page for ticket information. 


Tours are available from outside organizations. Please visit Friends of Fair Park for more information on Fair Park tours. 


Weddings can be held at the Hall of State and Texas Discovery Gardens. Please visit their pages for more information.

WRR Radio

WRR is a 24-hour commercial classical music station owned by the City of Dallas.