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Big Tex*

Big Tex, official greeter and icon of the State Fair of Texas, is known around the globe as the world’s tallest cowboy. The gentle giant has welcomed millions of guests to the annual exposition in Fair Park, but many don’t know his history – who he used to be and how he wound up in Dallas.

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Cotton Bowl® Stadium

The Cotton Bowl® Stadium opened in 1930 as a 46,000-seat venue known as Fair Park Stadium. Over the years, the stadium has served as the home for numerous athletic teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and SMU Mustangs. In addition to historic sporting events, worldwide sensations such as Elvis Presley and Rolling Stones have performed in Cotton Bowl. Today, the stadium seats more than 91,000 and plays host to numerous sporting events including the annual AT&T Red River Showdown and the State Fair Classic.

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Esplanade Fountain

The Fair Park Esplanade, a 700-foot-long reflecting pool capped with three fountains, was built for the 1936 Texas Centennial. The fountain offers visitors exciting shows set to music every 30 minutes beginning at 8AM and ending at 6PM daily, weather permitting.

Leonhardt Lagoon

Named after philanthropist Dorothea Leonhardt, Federal Work Progress Administration funds sparked the construction of the Leonhardt Lagoon in 1936 at the site of the Texas Centennial Exposition. In the 1980s, workers drained the lagoon, cleaned out excess vegetation, and introduced native Texas plants to restore the lagoon's ecological balance. In 1986, artist Pat Johanson fashioned two intertwining sculptures at the center of the lagoon to create a bridge visitors can traverse. Today, visitors can explore the greenery through the Leonhardt Lagoon Nature Walk.

Texas Skyway*

Explore all the wonders of Fair Park through a breathtaking birds-eye view on the Texas Skyway. Hop on one of these gondolas for a 1,800-foot ride around the Midway, and views that you won't find anywhere else.

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Texas Star*

The Texas Star is an iconic piece of Fair Park. During the State Fair of Texas, riders can enjoy breathtaking views reaching up to 20 stories high. 

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Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial pays honor to those Texans who served the United States in the Vietnam War. Former President George H. W. Bush dedicated the memorial in 1989. The Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which features five tablets of Texas granite bearing the names of 3,271 Texans killed in action during the war in Vietnam and 156 missing in action, 54 remains recovered and 102 still missing, will celebrate its 30th anniversary on November 11, 2019. A soothing waterfall flows alongside the memorial, which is familiarly known simply as, "The Wall.”

Donate to their mission at https://give.classy.org/FOTTVMFairPark

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This sculpture combines features of the main animals of the Texas livestock into one mythological creature -  the mane and neck of a horse, a turkey tail, pig body, duck wings, a sheep’s head, and of course, a pair of Texas longhorns.

*Only operational during the State Fair of Texas