Centennial Hall is the largest exhibit hall at Fair Park.

The Centennial Hall was originally constructed in 1905 as the first steel and masonry exhibition building on the fairgrounds. Dahl's renovation in 1936 incorporated a pair of murals by Carlo Ciampaglia under each portico, monumental sculptures by Pierre Bourdelle and Raoul Josset in front of each portico and bas reliefs by Bourdelle. Guests will enjoy the Esplanade Fountain and convenient parking next to the building and access from Gates 2 & 3. Upgrades in 1999 included a new floor plan.

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Exhibitions, Fairs, Performances, Parties, Galas, Markets, Car Shows, Trade Shows, Festivals, Indoor Sports, Conventions


Large Hall with Columns, Centennial Monuments, Art Deco Exterior, Hangas Interior, Natural Lighting


  • 90,000 sq. ft.
  • 18'4" to Beam; 32'6" to Ceiling

Building Specifications

  • Reception - 6,300
  • Theater Style - N/A
  • Bathroom Stalls - 24M, 20W
  • 8' X 10' Booths - 529
  • 10' X 10' Booths - 423
  • Banquet 60" - 5,260